Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Audi TT rises up the charts of UK's most stolen cars

In a survey of the top 10 most stolen cars in the UK the Audi TT is proving to be more popular to thieves every year.

In 2009 The TT was listed as number 6 behind the A4 and RS4 but last year it rose to fifth place.

All Audi TT's have transponder immobilisers built into the keys making it almost impossible to steal one without them.  Although a welcome feature to reduce car crime in principal, in practice what that means is the increase in car jacking and home invasions in order to obtain the ignition keys.
As the driver of a prestige car you're much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than the owner of a Ford Focus for example.
So what should the TT owner do?
Here are some tips provided by UK insurance company Esure

  1. Never leave your car keys visible in your hallway: It is too easy for a thief to see them through the letterbox and then decide to break in or use a 'hook and cane'.
  2. Never leave your keys in the ignition when buying petrol, opening the boot or popping into a shop: An opportunistic thief can easily drive an unlocked car away so long as the keys are there.
  3. Never hang up your jacket with the car keys in it: Keep them on your person and out of view at all times - whether you’re at work or in a public place.
  4. Be careful with your car keys at the gym: Thieves have been known to follow car owners into a gym and then target their locker. Hand them to a member of staff, use a gym with CCTV, or just keep them with you at all times rather than in your locker. Consider a neck chain, put them in a zipped pocket, or buy a waterproof case for them if you’re using the swimming pool.
  5. During winter months, never leave a car engine running to 'defrost' it: This is one of the most common causes of car theft using the original keys.
  6. If you have a garage - use it: Consider clearing out your garage to use for your vehicle rather than storage space to draw less attention to your car from passing thieves.
  7. Bolster your home security measures: With more car keys being stolen as a result of break-ins, consider reviewing your home security to include: a burglar alarm, window locks, a bolted-down domestic safe, and light timers.
  8. Drive with your doors locked: to reduce your risk of being a victim of a car jacking incident, keep all of your doors locked when driving your vehicle - especially when in slow moving traffic or town driving.
  9. Carry your car keys securely: Don't carry your car keys in a trouser pocket. Use a zipped jacket pocket or a neck chain. If using a handbag, put keys on an inside key clip if possible, zip or fasten your bag securely at all times, and a carry it close to your body using a diagonal strap if possible.

If you do happen to find yourself challenged for your car keys either in the street or at your front door then the advice from the UK Police is don't be a hero and hand them over.  Not even a Bugatti is worth risking your life for, and in any case if you've had a tracker fitted then handing over your keys is unlikely to be the end of the story.

According to insurance assessor Euan Williams if you've taken the precaution to have a tracker installed then you're likely to get your car back quickly and undamaged.

"When someone steals a high value car nowadays it gets driven carefully (so as not to attract attention) for a mile or two where it is parked up somewhere discrete and then left for 2 or 3 days to see if it gets collected. If no-one recovers the car they take it to a breakers yard where it gets stripped for parts or in a container to be sold overseas. Put a tracker on your car and you'll get it back within a couple of hours in exactly the condition you left it, except with about a mile extra on the clock and a few drops less of petrol. Chances are it would have been driven more carefully than you drive it yourself.
You get you car back intact and as your insurance company may never need to know your no claims remains intact too. I’ve had a tracker fitted on every car I’ve owned in the last 5 years.  With the insurance discounts alone it pays for itself in the first 2 years.  My Audi TT was a bargain so I’d be lucky to get another one like it for what the insurance would give me if it went missing”

Monday, 12 December 2011

New Fixed Car Phone For Trucks and HGV's

THB’s new Car Phone is ideal for use on light vans and HGV’s it’s robust construction and excellent voice control features mean that it can be used completely handsfree. It has a SIM slot and can be programmed for Fixed Number Dialling to control what numbers can be dialled.
The CarPhone's ability to be powered on any supply from 10-30 volts is an industry first meaning it can be used on 24v vehicles without the need for a dropper.  This feature simplifies installation on Pet Regs vehicles carrying hazardous loads.
 This is also the first carphone that reads text messages aloud as well as having full voice dialling features for complete hands free operation.

For more information on the product please visit our website or call us on 0161 408 5121

Monday, 5 December 2011

Speed of travel – are your drivers staying inside the legal speed limit?

Your vehicles represent your business when they are out on the road. Your reputation is at risk if one of your staff is driving carelessly or at speed. If they know that this information is being recorded, they are less likely to break the speed limit, keeping your vehicles, and the goods and employees safe.

With a tracking system from Fleetvision you can be assured a complete visualisation of your fleet at all times day or night with overspeed reporting sent to your phone or email.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FleetVision Making Van Tracking Simple in Stockport

Every year businesses who operate a van fleet are faced with increasing fuel and insurance costs which affects the bottom line of all of their operations at a time when costs are being squeezed.

So adding the cost of Fleet Tracking would seem to be way down the list of priorities in any business plan for 2012. On face value the additional cost of a tracking subscription would seem to be counter intuitive however the reality is quite the opposite.


And not just a bit either

Our customers have reported not only savings in fuel, but also lower costs for replacing tyres and brakes as well as longer service intervals and fewer accidents. 

Your insurance company will think so too. Almost all our customers are paying lower insurance premiums for their fleet since having trackers fitted in fact our most recent customer Singleton Scrap Metal have had this years premium reduced so much as result of having trackers fitted that the tracking system not only paid for itself but the savings just from this years premium will pay for their next 3 years tracking subscription.

If you want to make significant savings on the running costs of your vehicle fleet as well as keeping a watchful eye on your business assets then give FleetVision a call today and see how much you can save.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Parrot To Introduce Multipoint on MKi Range

Sources within Parrot have indicated that a software update for their MKi range of Hands Free Car Kits will soon be able to connect with more than 1 handset simultaneously will be released soon.

Parrot the worlds biggest manufacturer of in car hands free systems have been the top seller in the UK and across the world for more than 5 years with their CK3100 kit which considering its age still outsells all other fixed handsfree kits.
Their MKi range of kits was launched over 2 years ago now to compliment the Apple iPhone and allow the increasing number of music phones supporting the A2DP (stereo music streaming over bluetooth) protocol with a car kit that could power to all 4 speakers in the car in stereo rather than just the front 2 door speakers in mono as the CK3100 and its competitors.

3 Kits are available in the MKi range the MKi9000
Which is a great kit providing iPod charging and music playback and all call handling and voice dialling can be done with the use of the wireless remote either strapped onto the steering wheel or fixed to the dashboard. 

Many users have used this kit in conjunction with a cradle for their iPhone allowing them not only to use the phone for calls and music on the move but also for navigation.
 The MKi9100
 and the MKi9200
Both come with a screen allowing you to have your iPod or iPhone locked away in the glove compartment while still letting you see your contacts and music on the small detachable screen fitted to the dashboard.

About a year later the UNIKA steering wheel control module was launched 
This enabled owners of cars with buttons already factory fitted to the steering wheel the ability to use these to control the functions of the Parrot kit without the need of the Parrot remote control

 Making for a much neater installation. For customers using the MKi9000 this meant that the installation of the kit was almost invisible on the car apart from the music connection cable hidden in the glove compartment and the small noise cancelling microphone by the interior light.
After the launch of the MKi range the French manufacturer were the leaders in hands free technology until its German rival THB Bury released the CC9060 and Bury Music kits.
On first release these kits supported the connection of 5 handsets one at a time just like the Parrot, but with a subsequent software update they were able to connect to 2 phones simultaneously with a new feature which they called Multipoint.
This new feature meant that you could have your iPod or iPhone charging in the glovebox, and 2 other phones (perhaps a work and personal) connected to take calls handsfree while you drive.

The voice command and control features of the kit are perhaps a little more advanced on the Bury range too allowing you to dial not only contacts in your phonebook but also numbers dictated and commands without taking your hands off the wheel.

It now seems as though Parrot may be hitting back with a new software update for their kit (which can be done easily with a USB memory key) which will also include the Multipoint feature. No date was given for the release of this update but as soon as it is available I will install test and report on the blog.

Thank you for reading.... :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fleet Vision - Vehicle Tracking: A Summary of Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking and...

Fleet Vision - Vehicle Tracking: A Summary of Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking and...: "A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles , with purpose-designed com..."

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

VW Bluetooth just like the factory

Mobileinstall can now offer VW drivers bluetooth handsfree just like the factory kits with callers names displayed on the dashboard and control of the kit with the buttons on the steering wheel on basic models and using the touchscreen radio on those with the higher spec stereos

Not only that, but these kits also have full A2DP music streaming so you can play music from your iPhone Android or other smartphone through the car Hi-Fi Speakers

For more information go to for more information