Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Parrot To Introduce Multipoint on MKi Range

Sources within Parrot have indicated that a software update for their MKi range of Hands Free Car Kits will soon be able to connect with more than 1 handset simultaneously will be released soon.

Parrot the worlds biggest manufacturer of in car hands free systems have been the top seller in the UK and across the world for more than 5 years with their CK3100 kit which considering its age still outsells all other fixed handsfree kits.
Their MKi range of kits was launched over 2 years ago now to compliment the Apple iPhone and allow the increasing number of music phones supporting the A2DP (stereo music streaming over bluetooth) protocol with a car kit that could power to all 4 speakers in the car in stereo rather than just the front 2 door speakers in mono as the CK3100 and its competitors.

3 Kits are available in the MKi range the MKi9000
Which is a great kit providing iPod charging and music playback and all call handling and voice dialling can be done with the use of the wireless remote either strapped onto the steering wheel or fixed to the dashboard. 

Many users have used this kit in conjunction with a cradle for their iPhone allowing them not only to use the phone for calls and music on the move but also for navigation.
 The MKi9100
 and the MKi9200
Both come with a screen allowing you to have your iPod or iPhone locked away in the glove compartment while still letting you see your contacts and music on the small detachable screen fitted to the dashboard.

About a year later the UNIKA steering wheel control module was launched 
This enabled owners of cars with buttons already factory fitted to the steering wheel the ability to use these to control the functions of the Parrot kit without the need of the Parrot remote control

 Making for a much neater installation. For customers using the MKi9000 this meant that the installation of the kit was almost invisible on the car apart from the music connection cable hidden in the glove compartment and the small noise cancelling microphone by the interior light.
After the launch of the MKi range the French manufacturer were the leaders in hands free technology until its German rival THB Bury released the CC9060 and Bury Music kits.
On first release these kits supported the connection of 5 handsets one at a time just like the Parrot, but with a subsequent software update they were able to connect to 2 phones simultaneously with a new feature which they called Multipoint.
This new feature meant that you could have your iPod or iPhone charging in the glovebox, and 2 other phones (perhaps a work and personal) connected to take calls handsfree while you drive.

The voice command and control features of the kit are perhaps a little more advanced on the Bury range too allowing you to dial not only contacts in your phonebook but also numbers dictated and commands without taking your hands off the wheel.

It now seems as though Parrot may be hitting back with a new software update for their kit (which can be done easily with a USB memory key) which will also include the Multipoint feature. No date was given for the release of this update but as soon as it is available I will install test and report on the blog.

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

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