Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Nokia CK200 Car Kits can connect 2 phones at once

I travelled down to Oxfordshire last week to witness the launch of the new Nokia Hands Free Car kit the CK200

This latest kit has a wireless remote control and removable screen. It doesn't have any music steaming functions like the Parrot MKi9100 or a touch screen or fancy voice dialling like THB's CC9060 kit  in fact its voice dialling is limited to activating that of the phone itself.  

The reason for this is that this kit is aimed at a much lower price point than either of the above.

The kit has been developed to compete with Nokia's biggest rival in the Bluetooth sector Parrot who's CK3100 car kit has been the best seller in Europe for more than 2 years. Aimed at exactly the same price point the CK200 boasts Multipoint which allows for 2 mobile phones to be connected at once. This feature coincides with the UK's saturation rate for mobile phone ownership rising above 90 million which means that a lot of Nokia's potential customers will be carrying 2 phones with them while out and about.

We expect to have this kit in stock within the month, please call us for more details 07811 266591

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