Thursday, 13 May 2010

THB Bury CC9060 Goes Multipoint

For the last couple of weeks we've been testing the new software release for the THB CC 9060 Touch screen Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit.

This kit already has the latest voice recognition and speech synthesis allowing you to call anyone from your phone's contact list with one touch of the screen.  Recognition of your voice is made by the kit's own voice and unlike previous voice activated kit, this one requires no training, it downloads all your contacts from your phone and recognises your voice straight out of the box.

See this video for more details 

The new software now allows for 2 phones to be connected at once a feature known as 'Multipoint'  It also has a new 'Magic Word' feature.  This means you can make a call without touching the screen at all just by saying "Activate Voice Dialling" and the kit will mute the car radio and beep waiting for your next command which can be "Call Bill Jones Mobile" it will then respond by saying back to you "Calling Bill Jones Mobile" and place the call.

If your car stereo has a line in connection for MP3 players, this kit can stream music from any A2DP equipped mobile phone through the Hi-Fi.

Thanks to the Bluetooth profile A2DP you can play back music files, such as MP3s in stereo, from your mobile phone via the vehicle loud speakers. Furthermore, operation is easy as commands such as play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind and volume can be carried out via the touch screen. Everyone can hear their favourite song at the touch of a button.

The touch-screen clips off its mount for safe storage if parking in dodgy areas.
DSP (Digital Signal Processing) hands free cuts out background noise and echo to ensure callers hear you clearly. 
Mobileinstall Ltd offer a complete hands free kit fitting service across the Northwest, we can come to your home or office and professionally install this kit or a wide range of others. 

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