Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

At Mobileinstall we fit all kinds of tracking systems for different applications but if you need the best solution for tracking your vehicle fleet be it cars vans or HGV then we recommend Box Telematics.

This unit is covertly fitted in the vehicle and uses very little power so the vehicle can be left parked for weeks at a time without it flattening the battery.  It has its own back-up battery which will last for several days in the event of the vehicle battery being disconnected.

Whenever the vehicle moves data is recorded, every change of direction and speed is monitored and all of this information is sent back to Box Telematics servers every 2 mins where it will be stored for 13 months.

Using Box Telematics software "Spot On" you can view live positions or any history of any vehicle movements.  The software can be set up to deliver reports of daily journeys mileage summaries anything you may want which can be printed off in spreadsheet format.  

You can generate exceptions which can be reported upon, the tracking unit has a clever sensor which can register harsh acceleration or braking and you can receive speed reports or out of hours use reports which can be sent to you by email or text message (text message charges apply email is free)

You can also set geofences, perimeters around certain places so that when the vehicle goes near a place or leaves a place that can be reported in the same way.

The software works on any windows PC and you can install it on as many machines as you wish with multiple users for which you can set access levels.

This requires a monthly subscription of £10+vat per vehicle payable by direct debit. 

Remote Immobilisation  

In addition we can fit remote immobilisation to the vehicle allowing you to enable and disable the starter circuit on the vehicle using the spot on software

Driver ID with remote immobilisation

This is a touch key receptacle fitted on the dashboard which must be activated by a driver key before the vehicle can be used. Not only is this an extra security measure for your vehicle but allows for different drivers journey information to be recorded separately meaning that if you have multiple drivers of multiple vehicles you can bring up the history of a driver as well as a vehicle.   The key can be overridden remotely using "Spot On". Each car kit is supplied with 1 driver key, additional keys are available for £10+vat.

All vehicle equipment is manufactured specifically to order, delivery takes 3-5 days we can usually arrange installations within a week of your order being placed.

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